Plumbing Checklist

Hiring a home inspector for your plumbing Oklahoma city is a good idea when you plan to buy a new home and he will inspect you Oklahoma city plumbing. This professional will not only inspect and discover the obvious drawbacks of a property, which are visible for the eye, but will also be qualified enough to check whether your electrical or plumbing system is functioning properly. If you prefer to inspect the home you intend to buy for issues yourself, you need to know a bit about how to do it properly. And this is what Abba Disc0unt Plumbing and Water Heaters will help you do today, by providing you with a few tips.

Oklahoma city Plumbing Checklist

What to Look for When Inspecting the plumbing?

1. Flush the toilet in each bathroom to check whether there are any clogs.
2. Check the size of the pipes – In order to get high enough water pressure you will want at least ?” pipes from water source to home and ?” or more to faucets.
3. Turn the showers on to test their water pressure.
4. Check the water heater. If it looks too old or corroded ask for a replacement before you buy the house. Even if it does not look that back, check with the current homeowner when it was last serviced, to make sure that it is functioning properly. If you have the time to do this, you may even turn it on and check how long it will take for the heater to actually heat the water inside the tank.
5. Avoid moving in homes with lead piping. Lead is a toxic material which is now forbidden to be used in homes, but some old houses still have plumbing systems with pipes made out of it. This can be dangerous not only for your health but for the health of the entire family as well. CDC says 1 in 6 kids under 6 has a worrisome amount of lead in their blood.
6. Make a water damage inspection – Inspect the crawl space and basement for leaks or inadequate repairs. You never know what can be the reason for the old homeowners to move out.
7. If you notice slow water drainage while doing the inspection, make sure you call a plumber in Oklahoma city, Ok for a second opinion and a more thorough check up.

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