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Oklahoma City Plumber

Super PlumberWhen needing Oklahoma City plumber or if you are in need of plumber Oklahoma city we are the best in town at what we do. Our techs are the best around this town. We have been doing installation and repair for many many years now. We have Been doing this for a very long time. We have the top experience in town. Our techs are the best around hands down. No brag just facts all the way. We have the reputation to stand behind our work and put our best effort in making sure the customer is always 100% satisfied in the end. We make sure we get the job done right from the very first time. What ever issue or problem that you have that may come up in the future we can take care of and get it fixed right.

Plumber Oklahoma City

Whatever issues new insulation repair replacement, we do it all. From ground rough in installation to top out rough in the final or installation for setting fixtures. Setting tubs, toilets, kitchen sinks, disposals, dishwashers, clean outs water treatment, faucets, fixtures, showers, tub valves, whirlpools. Installing sewer lines, drain lines, water lines, back flow preventers, ball valves etc. Check out our testimonials.


Our techs keep our trucks totally stocked as well as possible in order to try and save time and money for the customers. This will save in the long run to keep from running back and forth to the supply house for a lot of thing we keep stocked. Our plumbers have all the tools needed to get the job done right from the very first time to the last and they will get you back on the road with your water on and drains running great again. We are the top at what we do and there is a reason why. Call Abba Disc0unt Plumbing and Water heaters.