How to Test Your Toilet for Leaks without the Help of Plumbers

If your in need of a plumber okc and have been experiencing some problems with your toilet for some time now and you believe that it has been leaking, our Okc plumber can help. You’d better get it inspected before the problem grows bigger. It is much safer to have it checked and have peace of mind that you don’t need any help from professional plumbers than to wait until your home is flooded and spend a lot on water-damage repair services.

If you have never done such an inspection before, you can take advantage of the following tips to do a proper inspection:

How to Test Your Toilet for Leaks

    The first thing that you need to check is the level of the water which is in the tank, and make sure that it does not overflow by the way of the overflow pipe which is in the center of the tank.

  • If you find out that water is running into the overflow pipe, hurry up to adjust the fill valve until the water stops about an inch below the top of the overflow tube.
  • Then you can put a few drops of any food coloring product in the tank to make sure that the test valve mechanism is operating properly. If you do not have such products at home, you can get some in the nearest grocery store for a price lower than $1.
  • If the water in your toilet bowl has changed its color after 15-20 minutes, most probably either the ball or the flapper are leaking.

Do not hurry up to replace it before consulting with a specialist. There are plenty Okc Plumbers but only one should be your top choice and that is it. You can call us at [405-722-8989] when you need help

Mansfield Toilet

The History of Plumbing

The early ancient Romans had sewers systems. They would build their simple outhouses or their latrines on top of the water that ran through the sewers that would pour directly into the Tiber River.

Then Chamber pots would be used in the middle ages. The chamber pots were metal pots or ceramic bowls that you would use then you would toss the contents out usually through a window.

Then in 1596 the first flush toilet would be invented and built by Queen Elizabeth Ist’s God son. Sir John Harrington.
Although the first patent for a flushing toilet would be credited to Alexander Cummings in the year 1775.
In the 1800s, people also realized that the poor sanitary conditions were causing disease. Using toilets and the sewer systems could control human waste was becoming the law of the land and better sanitary practices.
1829, when the Tremont Hotel in Boston became the first to have the indoor plumbing. It boasted eight water closets all built by Isaiah Rogers. Around 1840, the indoor plumbing could only be found in homes of the rich or the better hotels.

The toilet is a plumbing appliance used for urination and defecation. the modern toilet of today consist of a bowl fitted with a seat and they are connected to the waste piping and the waste is flushed. Toilets are called, latrine, lavatory, privy, or water closest. According to legend Sir Thomas Crapper invented the toilet but this is not true.

King Minos of Crete would have the very first flushing toilet recorded in our history and that would have been well over 2800 years ago.
A toilet would be discovered in the tomb of the Chinese king in the Western Han Dynasty that would date back to 206 BC to 24 AD.

Beginning in 1900’s the toilet designs started going away from an elevated water tank to the modern day toilet with a bowl and a close tank.

The very first packaged toilet paper would be in 1857.An invention of an American. Joseph Gayetty and it was called Gayetty’s Medicated Paper. Around 1880, British Perforated Paper Company would create the paper product that would be used for wiping after using the bathroom. it would come in boxes that had the small pre cut squares. Around 1879. Scott Paper Company would begin selling the first toilet paper that was on a roll. Toilet paper in the roll form wouldn’t be used much until around 1907. 1942, the St. Andrew’s Paper Mill of Great Britain would introduce the very first two ply toilet paper.

In 1930, the Addis Brush Company would create the very first artificial Christmas trees, they used the same principle to make their toilet brushes! The material used to make the brushes and their design would be dictated by the intended use. Hair of animals such as oxen, badgers, horse and squirrel
would be used in the household and the toilet brushes. Also various types of plant fibers would be used, such as piassava and would be obtained from the Brazilian palm and palmyra bassine derived from palmyra palm in Africa and Sri Lanka. The brush bristles would be joined to handles and the backs of plastic metal or wood. Most of the household toilet brushes would be built by inserting tufts of the fibers into holes drilled in the brush backs.

Plumbers Wife

You know you are a plumbers wife

When Christmas comes around you hurry as fast as you can and open all the presents before the first emergency call comes in.

If he says he is twisting nipples and they are dribbling, you are never jealous.

When giving him a massage or walking on his back it is like rocks and really messed up from plumbing.

If something doesn’t work at home you never fret, because there is nothing he can not repair. Even when he says that he can’t, what he is actually saying he does not want to. Because you know there is nothing he can’t repair.

You’ve let your new baby go to a repair wearing a Snug ally.

He knows all about the most private details of even the most prominent members of the community even though he will never tell. Of course, he has worked in all of their their basements.

You rush off to town and when you get home an hour later you see this huge 5 ton A.C. unit fully installed and hanging from your up stairs balcony. So you ask how did you do this and he says, we learned quite a bit from the Egyptians.

He never had a problem or even moved an eyelash with the worst throw up all over him or poop y diapers.

He can never attend a reunion or get together, with out getting asked to see their water leak, find the fowl smell coming from their sink or check out their garbage disposal.

The lady at the party grabs him with a big hug, tearing up she says thank you for your help. Because a month ago her husband was very sick. There was a huge blizzard. Their whole house was covered and they could not get out. Unknowing to yourself he took the tractor over, removed the snow and stocked the furnace with coal.

When you travel he brings his pliers and his own Shower Head.

Your not offended or act like your not when he gets just more plumbers crack birthday cards from all his friends.

Your annoyed when he can tell you where all the bathrooms are any where you go by looking at the vents on the roof.

You see you children running around with Duct Tape on their cuts or bruises.

You get to stay or eat free at motels or restaurants because he has done repairs there.

Evey week your husband will get a call from Mrs Lenix. She is very old. Shes caring for her debilitated husband with no help. There is nothing wrong at her house but she reports several issues. Its been going on for a long time. She is lonely but your husband heads over right away and cheers her up.

You get the lesson that few problems are as bad as unrolling a role of aquapex pipping wrong.

It really bothers you when you hear complaints about how much he will charge for a repair. You will always know it is reasonable because it costs a lot to learn what he has learned and do what he can do.

You have seen him completely take a good riding lawnmower apart because he said it wasn’t running right.

Then he put the lawnmower back together with a turbo diesel engine installed.

He installed a new water heater in our house just because he just really had the feeling the good one was about to go. Then he cut old one in two to see if it was bad.

He builds these huge swinging and moving games for the kids out of PVC and pex piping.

Tools are your sons best presents.

You have hot water seal cocks out side on all corners of your home.

Your garbage disposal is off limits. He informs you it was made for us. It clogs drains better than anything.

Crappy Chinese and off brand faucets or fixtures are as disgusting, revolting, nauseating, hideous, gross, vile, foul, abhorrent, repellent, stomach-turning, offensive to him as a tattoo on a three year old.

Water Heaters

Will My New Water Heater Fit?

The problem usually starts when the customer needs a new water heater and they make the huge mistake from ordering it or purchasing the new one at one of the local hardware or big stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot.

When it arrives it just won’t fit right. They should have purchased a low boy or they don’t take into consideration that the new tanks are larger because of new regulations. They have to have twice as much insulation now compared to the old units. So they are quite a bit larger in diameter and some are taller. The expense they incur to demo everything out and be reinstalled. Including their existing water lines walls and vent will cost them high dollar when compared to just calling a us to get the job done right from the get go. So they end up spending more in the long run for a shabby job that they will have problems with in the future.

Having your tank replaced is never on the top of your to do list but when you do need it done you need to make sure it is done right the first time to save money in the long run.
Here is why that is:

Don’t make these Common Mistakes

The Customers in the above examples are trying to make good decisions, instead they made some costly mistakes:

Don’t ever Buy your replacement unit From the Big Box stores. At Lowe’s and Home Depot you might get a lower price to start off on installation, but when the it is complete the price will change significantly. Call the us for a quote. We will inspect the job and get it done right from the very start and that will save you money, time and also give you peace of mind about your new appliance installation. There is a lot that could go wrong with the install including the vent, gas line or water leaking and damage your property. Not to mention a lose of life from a gas leak or carbon monoxide leaking into your home.

Make sure and get an accurate estimate from the start. Make Sure they stick with the price they give you and stand behind their work with at least a one year warranty on the labor. They will usually come with a six year warranty from the manufacture. Paying for the tank and installation from the same company to make sure it is priced right. Our techs will always offer correct estimates, the price on your statement will always be the same as the original estimate. This is how we became the most trusted in Oklahoma City. New tank regulations started In April of 2015, new regulations for all tanks manufacturers and distributors. This requires that the tanks have a lot more insulation and are more energy efficient. This will make it 2 inches taller and 2 inches wider. When it needs to fit in a very tight attic door or in the small utility rooms. Call one of our guys today and we will check to make sure it fits where you need it to be and what options you will have if it doesn’t.

You might want to switch to the Tank less. The consumers that purchase from big box stores are not always aware of all the different options they may have. You can always save a lot of space when going from a regular to a tank less water heater. The Tank less will always save money and space by heating water as demanded in lew of a regular water heater that stores it in the tank after it is heated. The tank less water heaters are smaller than a suit case and usually can be installed just about anywhere in your home.

Don’t be a lazy buyer! Be sure and know the one that you choose to work with. If you are not sure of what you need? Call for a free over the phone estimate from the plumbers at Abba Disc0unt Plumbing and Water Heaters. 405-722-8989

Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning In Okc

If your thinking about Drain Cleaning what do you always think of first? It would usually be a small or large bottle of drain opener in that plastic container you can find at your local hardware or supermarket. We might hear you say it will open the drains but in all actuality it is a bottle of toxic poison (muriatic acid) that can and will destroy your pipes or drain lines. Muriatic acid will destroy your drain line when used in excess and will burn the eyes and skin when they come in contact with them. It will also cause serious havoc on the our snake or auger that you call after it does not work the wonders that it states that it will do and possibly snap off or break off their snake inside your drain pipes. You see (muriatic acid) will crystallize their snake and cause the snake to no longer have the spring and flexibility that it needs to turn the bends and travel though your sewer drains. This causes it to break when they get about half way through your drain lines and then you have a whole new problem. A large piece of snake or auger stuck inside of your already clogged sewer lines. We would hope that you didn’t use it and will usually ask if you did.

If you need your drain lines unclogged you can try a toilet plunger (harmless, can’t damage you sewer drains), ( or safer) you can call and get our service of a get it done right the first time. When you need someone that you can depend on. Call us at Abba Disc0unt Plumbing and Water Heaters. Our trained techs will do the job right the first time.

It can be a small job cleaning out one clog or a major job of cleaning out all of the sewer drain lines at once for preventive maintenance, for root removal and to help stop repairs in the future. These roots can actual get so large they will destroy and collapse your pipes if not stopped or removed before they grow big enough to do extensive damage.

When you really have a bad clog usually a toilet plunger just will not get the job done right and can be very frustrating because it might seem like it worked for a small amount of time and then the clog will return. If you call us our techs carry with them the sewer machine that will do the trick. A sewer machine has a long spring like snake that uses a motor to push the snake. It extends into your sewer drains where it turns like a drill. It pushes the snake though the clogs or roots and will clear the blockage out so they will drain efficiently again. You call find a crank by hand model at your big box stores but they won’t get the job done like the machines the Oklahoma city plumbers will carry with them on their truck.

In some cases however theys will not be able to get through the clog for some unforeseen reason like a collapsed drain pipe or very large tree roots. At this time the sewer drain will have to have a camera run to find the exact location of the problem and then excavated to expose the piping and repair the damaged area.

Sometime if the sewer drain is just to clogged for a sewer machine to clear hydro jetting the drains can be an alternative to solve the problem. They work fairly well but even a Hydrojett has its limitations and are very expensive so there are not to many that have these units..

If you haven’t had your drains cleaned in quite a while it may be time to do some maintenance to make sure those small roots don’t turn into big problems.
So call our professionals at Abba Disc0unt Plumbing and Water Heaters any time to take care of any issues you may having

 Video Pipe Inspection

Video Pipe Inspection Advantages

If you are trying to maintain your systems and keep it in good working order with out major problems along the way you need to be able to know when the problems arise before they become to excessive to repair. Most of your issues start small and are not detectable until they became a huge issue so the drain lines need to be visually inspected manually. Because the drain lines are not visible and are under the flooring or inside of your wall framing this is not an easy task. They can cause major issues for you house when it takes so long for them to start to show up or become visible and by this time it is usually to late to stop all of the damages. Now to stop these problem areas in enough time to save some money in the long run and prevent further large problems you only have a few alternatives to choose from and one of them is the video drain line inspecting. Lets see all the attributes of using the video camera for inspecting your drain lines. What is it and how do we use it properly. It will use a long snake with a video camera attached to the end with small gears that will pull it along the drain lines so the plumber can see what the problem are inside of the drain lines. As the video inspection camera moves along the drain lines our tech can see and identify issues or problems as he is sent the images to his inspection screen. This way we can see the problem. Identify it and its location. Pinpoint it with great accuracy and prevent the damage that would have incurred if they had to just start breaking the concrete to find where the problems are.

Video Pipe Inspection Advantages

To make sure you drains will stay in good working order it is a good idea to maintain preventative inspection through out the year. If you keep this in mind through out the year your we can find the problems before they turn into some major issues and save you money in the end. But if you don’t wait for the problems to just show up on their own and do the preventative maintenance as an ongoing regime you will always have less problems overall. So it will be smart and good advice to do the video drain line inspections on an annual basis. This plan will obviously save you a lot of money.

sewer line repairs and replacments

Tips on sewer line repairs and replacements

If you are having trouble with your sewer main, you need to find the source of the problem before you spend on any money on it. Checking your sewer lines periodically is one way of getting to know if any problem is present.  The other way is checking once the systems pops up. Once you get to know about the problem, only then decide to spend money on the problem.

Once you decide that the sewer line has to be repaired or replaced, you can take the following tips into account.

A second opinion

Before you spend 10k dollars on replacing the sewer lines, get a second onion. There are some ways that the lines can be repaired. Many companies can help you getting a second opinion. it can be a difficult task if you decide to do it yourself. However we can will help you reach the right decision.

Identify the problem

After you take a professional opinion you get to know what kind of problem you face. There are three major categories of sewer line problems that can exist.

  • Bellied pipe
  • Leaking joints
  • Corroded pipe
  • Collapsed pipes

These three broad categories have different remedies depending upon the severity of the problem.

Tips on repair/replacement

The following methods can be used to repair/replace sewer pipes that have the above mentioned problems. We can help you repair/replace your damaged sewer pipeline.

Drain Cleaning Okc

The first method is of drain cleaning. Carry this method when the sewer line is blocked due to gathering of solid objects in sewer pipes. Drain cleaning is a sewer pipeline repair method. Get this problem solved but more importantly look at the root of the problem. There is no point in getting a drain cleaned to be blocked again later.

Trenchless pipe replacement

When it comes to replacement of the sewer pipes, we will have many solutions. One of the solutions is to get trenchless pipe replacement. This helps in keeping the landscape intact. This way you save a lot of money while you get your pipes replaced.

The decision

At some point in time you will have to make a tough decision. This decision is to go for a repair or partial/total replacement of the sewer system. You can use the professional opinion to take a calculated decision. Repairs cost less but the problem can return. Replacements cost more but it is more of a long term solution. Deciding which one to chose will be a difficult task, but can be done with help of professionals.

Hire a professional

Many YouTube videos will tell you that you can do it yourself. However, this is one area of you should not try your hand on. A burst pipe will not only prolong the problem but also cost you a lot more than the actual problem solving solution. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to find and use us to get your problems solved professionally.    




Young plumber fixing a sink. Home work








Finding a great plumber

Are you lost? Looking for the plumber to get your pipes fixed? This is the area where people lack trust, hesitate to hire a team of workers as their expectations most probably results nugatory but wait, hang on there if you are living in the local area and looking for a premium solution, then you don’t have to look around for your troubles and anxieties. Surrounded with a squad of highly prestigious, eminent and hard working guys, who have gained numerous achievements under the banners of this business; it’s the mastery, skill-set and years of experience which puts them on top charts of the leading and most reputable repairing and installation company. Their areas of expertise are basically divided into different divisions, which are being supervised, managed under the qualified administration.

What makes us better then others? A messy, tricky nightmare most of the business companies wants to dodge. But in case of Abba Disc0unt Plumbing and Water Heaters they don’t want to run away from their responsibilities, doing the trick nicely. Providing diversification in each division of installation till its repairing & maintenance unit, from installation of gas to water works unit every field is performing uniquely under each department because customer satisfaction is top on the list priority despite the quantity of work, quality is something which is the main concern.

A great warrior is the one who believes in his army that’s the key to success of  Abba Disc0unt Plumbing and Water Heaters. The skillful army, professional in their working domain with years of experience brings out to perform highly achievable goals.

Need assistance? What you’ll get in the package will amaze you, once you call, their team is always waiting on standby for customer help and support those gadgets and appliances which has been installed by every employ. With 30 years of experience working in the field it adds more spice to their work, just like the garnishing to pizza. The more it’s been done well the tastier the food will be.

A good entrepreneurial mind always clicks, not to disappoint your customers. So a part of their training session is always on “Customer’s Satisfaction” no work is too big or too small it’s comes good with happy ending. Customer relationship is a cycle and no individual wants his cycle to get broken because once the chain is sacrificed it would be a great loss. What’s so good about us is we are focus on our task as well as customers too.

Must be charging real amount of money? Because of the qualities you are acquired with. Fortunately it’s serendipity for the locals that they are providing assistance with flawless, impeccable services on tremendous prices with definitely yet again the level of work up-to the mark of modest civilization to bring the heck out of happiness from you, as I stated that their main focus is to make connections, rather demanding heaps of money.

Jumping to the conclusion, if I say that  Abba Disc0unt Plumbing and Water Heaters are rapidly getting renown across the local and surrounding areas so it will be a job well done. Facilitating their customers with highly admirable clan, lower prices and discount on different gadgets taking provoking them to take the contest home, in my opinion this candidate has build strong trust over the years, showing persistence y and dedication in their work is something which makes them unique. No more disappointments and moment of disgraces, take an immense leap of faith in them to have a wonderful experience.

1" x 10" black gas nipple


Natural gas is not a new game for anyone. Still, there are various instances where you sometimes require a new gas line be installed to your house and in side. This may be for new construction housing, modification in the existing building, may be as a result of some major fault in the pipes or due to any other reason.

More specifically, installing a whole new gas line in your home or providing an extension may be carried out if you have purchased a new gas appliance or you are converting any appliance to gas. Definitely, gas appliances whether those required for water heating or cooking you need to replace existing electrical or in some case coal appliances and install the new gas ones.

In fact, providing the natural gas to your home is done with the involvement of a licensing authority and an expert contractor. You need to have your natural gas pipe line installed as well as all related heating and cooking appliances through your contractor by completing all of the relevant documentations i.e permits and inspections.

Permits are required for a new gas connection, modification, repairing, removing or demolition. Some contractors do not require permits. Like painting. However, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and some other permits are given to contractors licensed and registered with the City and state of Oklahoma authorities.

In Oklahoma city, gas line extension or installing a whole new gas line in your home needs someone who is professional and experienced in this field. Installing a gas line or modifying it, is a sensitive issue. A gas line that is running or will run through your house is directly your concern. Any gas leak big or small can be very unsafe, even if it occurs outside. Therefore, a most trusted and experienced contractor must be hired for the job. Such contractors due to their credibility, experience and quality of work easily most usually pass any inspections

If you are having the work done by a plumbing contractor, the contractor will automatically follow all the procedures and notify the inspecting building department when the work is ready to be inspected.

You need to ensure that they fulfill all the departmental as well as quality needs. Gas installation or repair in your house or any building is a difficult and most a sensitive task and must be done with extreme care.

Inspection department will carry out detailed inspections and if need arises a re-inspection and then gas will be resorted to. You need to make sure that the work is done most diligently and according to the laid down codes and regulations.

Our techs are experienced and dedicated people who are capable of and fulfill all the requirements of gas installation or modification in your house. They make use of the most appropriate fittings and piping suitable for all requirements. We are definitely the best choice to meet your expectations and requirements.